Tips for Dog House Training

Posted: 2011/06/20 in HOW TOs, TIPS
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When breaking your puppy for house training, there are certain things that you can do in order to make the training much easier for you and your dog. Here are some of them which you can apply for you and your dog.

dog training

First, remain consistent with what you want him to do. Take matters seriously and always use the same command whenever you want him to do a certain task. If you want him to be consistent with his job, you should also be consistent.

Secondly, always keep a watchful eye on your dog. Since puppies don’t really know what they can and cannot do at home, they sometimes do things which are either a nuisance to you or is dangerous for him. There are also certain signs which tell if a dog is about to do his natural functions, such as turning around in circles and sniffing on the ground. When you see them do this, be fast enough to take them where they need to be doing that.

Thirdly, be willing to acknowledge your dog’s good work and reward them, too. If you show your dog that you really appreciate it when he does “right,” he will learn that it will also be his happiness if he does something right. Since a dog will rely on how you react to what he does in order to determine whether what he does is right or wrong, you should be able to react distinctively regarding these two. If you both allow these acts and reward them both then you are sending a wrong message to your dog.

Fourthly, after your dog is done doing his business, do not try to bring him inside your house immediately afterwards. Try to give him some time to play outside since bringing him immediately inside your house would mean that all possible fun that he can take outside is finished. Dogs love to have some time to play and taking them inside might spoil that.

Give your dog his meals on a regular schedule as this can help regulate his bowel movement. Keeping him on a regular schedule will also mean that he will have a regular routine for going outside the house and doing his functions. Letting him eat on his own by leaving him food on his feeding bowl would mean disaster for you.

Take your dog for a walk after he wakes up in the morning and also after he has taken his afternoon naps. This will help regulate his body functions and also keep his metabolism. This will help him adjust for his training and also help instill discipline in him.
The best rule would be that you should not think that your dog would be able to keep his bowels for an extended period of time so you should constantly check him for that. There are certain rates for specific dog ages such that 2-month old puppies need to do it every 2 hours; 3-month olds at 3 hours; and so on. One can rely on this but since every breed is different, it becomes necessary for owners to keep a constant eye on their puppies.

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