Cleaning your Dog’s Ears

Posted: 2011/06/28 in Puppy Care, TIPS
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Ear infections caused by yeast or bacteria in dog’s ears can become worse if there is a build-up of earwax. By cleaning your dog’s ears regularly, these infections can be avoided as it prevents earwax build-up. By cleaning them routinely, you will also be able to check on your dog’s ears if an infection is already beginning to develop. Cleaning dog’s ears is really easy and they have a lot of benefits, too. Here are some instructions which could make the process much easier.
dog's ears cleaningThe first thing that one should understand is the structure of a dog’s ears. The shape of it is like the letter “L.”  No matter what type of breed your dog is, they are all shaped the same. You should not use sharp objects to clean your dog’s ears, not even a Q-tip. What you can use is your little finger and wrap it with some cotton. You can also use some ear-cleaning liquid that you can buy from your veterinarian and also a piece of towel. The process will be a bit of a mess so you should be ready with a towel to help minimize the mess.

First, take hold of your dog’s head and put a few drops of the ear-cleaning liquid into your dog’s ears. After this, your dog will become quite irritated and start to shake his head all over. You should watch out for any that may go to your face or body. This movement will help scatter the liquid all around his ears and also help loosen some of the hardened earwax. After that, hold your dog again and with cotton around your little finger, gently probe it inside your dog’s ears. You can go as far as you like but not around the L-end of his ears as this contain the eardrums. If you find a lot of black earwax, repeat the process as much as necessary.

If the cleaning routine gives your dog a lot of pain, something which is more than the usual grumbling and slight discomfort, then it is a sign that there is a developing infection inside his ears. In cases like this, you should immediately take him to your veterinarian. If an infection becomes worse, it is able to affect your dog’s hearing and will require some surgery.

After this, dry your dog using the towel and praise your dog for being able to be a good boy through the whole process. Give him some treats and a big hugs or just showers him with lots of praises to show how much you appreciate his cooperation. By doing this, your dog learns to be more cooperative whenever you need to clean his ears.

There are signs that will tell if a dog needs his ears to be cleaned. Some of the classic symptoms are shaking his head and putting his paws on his ears a lot of the times. The smell of a healthy dog ear is not something undesirable, too. It is usually smells like a neutral smell of beeswax. When your dog’s ears become infected, the smell could smell fishy or rotten.

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